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All of Arcapita's investments and operations are carried out in a manner that calls for fair dealing with business partners, customers and other stakeholders, and a sense of social responsibility in all of its business. This approach represents the basic requirements of Islamic principles, which the Bank adheres to in every aspect of its business activities. Thus, the Bank will consider investments in any business, as long as it does not involve gambling, alcohol, pornography, dealing in pork products, or interest payments. Islamic principles also require that a person who profits from the use of his money by another person, assumes a proportionate share of the risk from the business in which his money is invested. Arcapita, therefore, seeks equity risks and returns. These principles are applied across all of Arcapita's activities, and Arcapita has developed innovative structures to meet these goals in all of its investments. Adherence is closely audited by an independent committee, which oversees compliance in all regions.


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