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Target Sectors
• Energy
• Transportation
• Water

Target Equity Investment
• $50 - $200 million

Deal Criteria
• High asset value
• High quality earnings
• Low business risk
• Economic resilience
• High barriers to entry
• Often regulated environments

Geographic Criteria
• United States
• Canada
• Mexico
• UK and Western Europe
• Eastern Europe
• Middle East
• India
• China
• South East Asia
• Australia


Arcapita's infrastructure team focuses on infrastructure investments that provide predictable income streams and, in certain cases, the possibility to create value through development. In addition, the Bank is extending its focus to include traditional GP/LP funds alongside its deal-by-deal investment model.
The team adopts a sector-driven approach to investing, favoring energy, transportation and water. Within these sectors, Arcapita provides private equity capital for acquisitions, strategic joint ventures and growth capital opportunities.

Diversified Yield
Arcapita focuses on investments in both developing and developed markets. The investment success factors for these transactions are political commitment by national governments, transparent and stable regulatory frameworks, established privatization and liberalization schemes and credible partners and operators.
By concentrating on the sectors identified above, which are typically resilient to economic cyclicality, Arcapita aims to offer its investors the opportunity to build a diversified portfolio of cash yielding investments to complement its corporate and real estate investment products.


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