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The system of procedures and principles governing how Arcapita organizes its leadership, its management and its operations is fundamental to Arcapita Group’s success and that of its stakeholders. Arcapita Group has designed its corporate governance to produce an efficient, entrepreneurial decision-making structure that is fair, transparent and accountable, and that aligns the interests of investors, management and employees with those of its shareholders, financiers and investors. In addition, the structure oversees Arcapita Group’s adherence to Shari’ah principles in the conduct of its business. Arcapita Group’s Board of Directors has approved and implemented the following charters, policies and procedures based on corporate governance best practices and regulatory requirements:

  • Board of Directors Charter
  • Executive Investment Committee Charter
  • Executive Administrative and Corporate Governance Committee Charter
  • Audit and Risk Committee Charter
  • Code of Conduct
  • Insider Trading Policy
  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Corporate Governance Guidelines

Cross-Functional Management Committees

Executive Committee (EC)

EC oversees strategic planning for Arcapita and decisions on all new investments. For example, prior to making a commitment to sign definitive agreements relating to investments (equity and financing), each new investment will need to be reviewed by EC. Roles of EC include:

  • setting global strategy for Arcapita Group;
  • reviewing and recommending new investments;
  • reviewing and approving of business plans, budgets and control systems; and
  • managing human capital, including determining compensation and benefits plans and overseeing human resource development.

Risk Management Committee (RMC)

RMC comprises the CEO and senior management. RMC’s mission is to establish and maintain a risk management framework throughout the firm to best manage Arcapita’s shareholder and client interests. Its mandate is to identify, assess and measure risks arising from the firms’s activities, and to define the appropriate course of action to mitigate or manage them.

Arcapita Investment Management B.S.C.(c) – Corporate Governance Guidelines

Arcapita Group Holdings Limited – Corporate Governance Guidelines