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Current Investments
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Target Sectors
• Warehousing/logistics
• Self-storage
• Senior living
• Residential
• Commercial
• Retail
• Mixed-use

Target Equity Investment
• $50 - $200 million

Deal Criteria
Yielding Transactions -(regular income)
• stable and predictable cash flow
• growing rental rates
• restricted supply
• favorable demographics
• some opportunity for capital gain
Developmental Transactions -(capital gain)
• high growth potential
• beneficial demographic trends

Geographic Criteria
• United States
• Canada
• Mexico
• UK and Western Europe
• Eastern Europe
• Middle East
• India
• China
• Southeast Asia
• Japan


Arcapita's real estate team operates out of each of its offices in London, Atlanta, Bahrain and Singapore. The team offers a wide range of financial products and services in selected real estate sectors. To achieve this, the team develops joint ventures with leading specialized real estate operators and creates dedicated real estate funds focused on specific investment strategies within targeted geographies. To date, the real estate team has completed investments across the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Income and Growth
Arcapita has begun to extend its focus to develop more diversified, non-traditional streams of income. As a result, the real estate team is developing initiatives that include the establishment and management of real estate investment funds, as well as the development of expertise and resources to take on portfolio and real estate asset management.

Investing for Income
In evaluating potential current income investments, Arcapita looks for properties with stable and predictable cash flows, an opportunity for growth in rental rates, a diversified tenant base, restricted supply in the sub-market, a favorable demographic profile, and which have the potential for generating moderate capital gains over a five to ten year horizon. Arcapita tries to identify growing asset classes which are reasonably priced and have the prospect of becoming attractive asset classes for institutional investors. Arcapita aims to build portfolios with the critical mass to make them attractive to institutional investors or the public markets, and benefit from potential capitalization rate compression.

Investing for Growth
In evaluating potential development projects, Arcapita targets sectors that demonstrate strong growth potential supported by fundamental trends such as shifts in demographic trends or changes in supply chain management such as just-in-time delivery. Arcapita targets projects that benefit from existing planning and construction permits but that require capital to execute the physical construction and leasing or sale of space. Areas of particular focus for development include logistics warehouses and residential communities.

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