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Investment Strategy
Current Investments
Past Investments
Advisory Panel



Target Sectors
• Healthcare
• Information Technology
• Industrial Technology

Investment Criteria
• Established technology
• Established customer
• Track record of revenue
   generation – ideally, at
   least $2 million over
   prior 12 months
• Scalability of business
• Large addressable
• Strong management
• Target Investment Size
• Initial round funding
   $4 - $8 million
• Up to $20 million over
   life of investment


Arcapita Ventures, a $200 million dedicated investment fund launched in October 2005, focuses on growth stage enterprises primarily in the United States. From its offices in Atlanta, Arcapita typically acts as the lead investor in companies operating in the (i) healthcare, (ii) information technology and (iii) industrial technology sectors. The investment team looks for businesses that have established technologies and customer bases, and where its investment capital, network and expertise can be applied to scale a proven business model. Typically, the Fund invests between $4 and $8 million in an initial round of funding, with the capability to invest up to $20 million over the life of a portfolio company. Where appropriate, we partner with other leading venture firms who can bring additional capital, market reach and overall support to our portfolio companies. In addition to providing growth capital, the Fund selectively considers venture buyouts of companies with enterprise values of less than $40 million.

Preferred Investment Types
Within our targeted sectors, we look for companies that have at least $2 million in revenues over the prior twelve months. We seek businesses that have proprietary technology, clear value propositions, referenceable customers, robust margins and strong management teams. We are attracted to markets that have clear growth dynamics and strong profit opportunities. As the lead or co-lead investor, we expect to have significant influence with our portfolio companies as board members and strategic advisors. Finally, we seek to work with management teams that are aligned with our need to achieve liquidity with our portfolio companies through an IPO or strategic sale within three to seven years after our initial investment.

Investment Team
Arcapita Ventures is led by a seasoned investment team that has collectively invested in more than 100 portfolio companies over the past 25 years. Collectively, the team brings more than 60 years of experience in our sectors from a number of different perspectives: venture investing, start-up operations, senior executive management, business development, investment banking and corporate governance. The team operates the Fund under four key principles: (i) we will evaluate all investment opportunities with an aggressive, yet highly-disciplined approach; (ii) we will work tirelessly with our management teams to ensure the most effective utilization of our investment capital; (iii) we recognize that long-term success will only happen if we make our entrepreneurs, co-investors and service providers successful as well; and (iv) we will treat all our stakeholders with fairness and respect.

Portfolio Company Management
Active portfolio management is the hallmark of Arcapita Ventures. Our investment team has a national and international network of strategic partners, co-investors, senior managers and potential customers. Where appropriate, we leverage the existing portfolio companies and networks of the broader Arcapita network. While we do not expect to be involved with the day-to-day operations of our portfolio companies, we provide critical operational and strategic support to our companies. These activities include making introductions to strategic partners and potential customers, assisting in the creation of properly aligned sales force compensation structures, identifying and evaluating potential acquisition opportunities and setting overall corporate strategic priorities.


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