Atif Ahmed Abdulmalik

With over 20 years of experience, Arcapita has built a global alternative investment platform with the capability to source investments in its core markets of the US, MENA, Europe and Asia. We have a diversified business model and a management team that brings experience and expertise across our different investment areas.

Through numerous innovations, we are proud to have played a major part in bringing sophisticated alternative investments to Shari’ah-conscious investors and we have completed over 80 transactions with a total transaction value exceeding $30 billion.

We are focused on a number of thematically driven sectors that we believe will underpin global economic growth in the near to medium term. For example, a rapidly aging population in the US and Europe is currently sustaining our interest in the senior living sector, where we have a strong and established track record. Growth in global trade and the increased penetration of e-commerce is driving significant incremental demand for industrial logistics/warehousing services, in which we believe there are compelling investment opportunities in both the real estate and private equity sectors at this time. In addition, we are optimistic about the prospects of a global consumer-led recovery and believe that the retail and consumer services sectors will benefit from a growing middle class and higher consumer spending in both developed and developing markets which is where we hope to leverage our experience and expertise for our investors.

We believe in the importance and value of long-term relationships with our shareholders, our investors and our investment partners, and our model stresses the importance of aligned interests. We use these partnerships to bring a range of different dimensions to our services and investments, resulting in access to higher quality transactions, efficient execution and timely exit for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We have been in business long enough to have experienced a wide range of market conditions. We faced some demanding challenges in the aftermath of the financial crisis, but largely as a result of the deep relationships that we enjoy with our stakeholders, we have been successful in creating an organization that we believe is well-positioned to grow over the coming years. We will continue to build closer relationships with the investment and operational partners who can add value to our business. Overall, our goal is to deliver sustainable returns to our shareholders and investors using our sectoral and geographic insights and a risk-adjusted approach to investing.