Corporate Social Responsibility


Arcapita fulfils its corporate social responsibility obligations through an ethical approach to investing and support of not-for-profit endeavors. In addition to its commitment to following a set of ethical guidelines in the fulfilment of its business objectives, Arcapita believes in the importance of supporting a range of not-for-profit endeavors. The firm have set aside a percentage of net income each year and sought out projects with a particular focus on education and social welfare. Arcapita aims to work within local communities to create sustainable and long-term enrichment projects.

Social and Cultural Projects

Qal’at Al Bahrain Museum (Bahrain Fort Museum)

Qal’at Al Bahrain Museum is a significant educational resource for schools and also a unique attraction for the many visitors to Bahrain. Qal’at Al Bahrain, capital of the Dilmun civilization and the site of human habitation since 2300 BC, has been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and Qal’at Al Bahrain Museum supports this status, as a reference center for the Dilmun civilization, Islamic heritage and the history of the development of Bahrain and the neighboring region. Arcapita funded the construction of the museum, which opened in early 2008.

Bin Mattar House

Arcapita funded the construction of a cultural center at Bin Mattar House, an important site within Muharraq, one of the most historical parts of Bahrain, where remnants of the city as it was centuries ago can still be seen. Bin Mattar House is one of the original and typical Bahraini houses, and required major work to rescue the structure and restore the inside to its original form. Bin Mattar House presents a full account of the historical island of Muharraq, covering trade, commerce, society, crafts, arts, and education. The project was completed in late 2009.

Busaiteen Community Center

Also in support of the community around its headquarters in Bahrain, Arcapita worked alongside a community group in the district of Busaiteen, Muharraq. This group focused on developing an extensive modern facility for the provision of sporting and community services to the area, in particular for young people. Arcapita funded the building of the center that is available for the entire community to use in support of a wide variety of activities, including indoor and outdoor sports, games, lectures, and meetings. The center was inaugurated in late 2007.