Experienced management team

Our business is defined by the quality of our people - a management team with extensive experience and expertise in their areas of focus. Our team works collaboratively to take a long-term proactive approach to everything we do whether it’s uncovering insights that impact our investments or building relationships with investors.

Our People

Atif Abdulmalik

Chief Executive Officer, Board Member, Chairman of the Executive Committee

Hisham Al Raee

Chief Operating Officer, Member of the Executive Committee

Martin Tan

Chief Investment Officer, Member of the Executive Committee

Mohammed A. Muiz Chowdhury

Head of Financial Management Group, Member of the Executive Committee

Ahmed Al Shirawi

Managing Director, Investors Relationship Management

Arthur Rogers

Managing Director, General Counsel

Brian Hebb

Managing Director, US Real Estate

Essa Zainal

Managing Director, Head of Financial Control

Nael Mustafa

Managing Director, Head of MENA Investments

Neil Carter

Managing Director, US Private Equity

Abdulhameed Juma

Director, Corporate Management

Anthony Nambiar

Director, Human Resources

Gana Balaratnam

Director, Financial Control

Hafedh Al Najem

Director, Financial Control

Len Bravo

Director, US Real Estate

Muhannad Buhindi

Director, Investors Relationship Management

Osama Al Tamimi

Director, Financial Control

Saeed Fadhl

Director, Investors Relationship Management

Salah Al Shaikh

Director, Financial Control

Tariq Hayat

Director, Head of Corporate Management

Yousif Al Abdulla

Director, MENA Investments

Abdulla Al Yaqoob

Principal, Investor Services Group

Adrian Peck

Principal, MENA Real Estate

Ahmad Roshan

Principal, Risk Management

Ahmed Salem

Principal, Investors Relationship Management

Amin Jawad

Principal, Treasury Operations

Amy Doshi

Principal, Legal

Duaij Al Khalifa

Principal, Investors Relationship Management

Farooq Aqeel

Principal, Financial Control

Ebrahim Al Shroogi

Principal, Investors Relationship Management

Halah Faraj

Principal, MENA Investments

Hassan Shujaie

Principal, Administration

Isa Al Khalifa

Principal, MENA Investments

Joseph Mathai

Principal, Investment Administration

Mishal Al Hellow

Principal, Information Technology

Mohamed Sharif

Principal, Investors Relationship Management

Ryan Dunn

Principal, US Private Equity

Syed Bokhari

Principal, US Investment Team

Mohammed Alayoubi

Senior Associate, Investors Relationship Management

Rayyan Al Hassan

Associate, Investors Relationship Management