Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management design and approach ensures the highest possible performance from each of our real estate investments. After closing the transaction, asset managers, corporate management teams or joint venture partners are directly responsible for executing the business plan. We work closely with these partners to monitor and evaluate the progress of each real estate investment.

During the initial stages of ownership, the deal team works with its partners to identify the primary operating statistics that require monitoring through regular meetings and reports. In doing so, the deal team is able to apply continuous oversight of each investment. Bi-monthly or quarterly, our deal team receives an asset performance report that includes a comprehensive set of marketing and financial updates for the investment. Annually, our deal team receives and reviews audited financial statements for every investment.

Our deal team also conducts on-site operational reviews on a quarterly basis, during which, the team conducts a deeper assessment of the investment’s performance. This is completed while working with the operating partner to understand the underlying factors influencing current and potential future performance. This process helps to recognize any performance concerns faster and to determine appropriate course corrections, if necessary